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Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among one the leading trade and commerce hubs of Asia, while also being counted as a prominent tourist destination of the world. The presence of global banks has given it an identity as a major financial center in East Asia. Furthermore, you can visit various tourist attractions in the country that depict the rich heritage and culture of the nation. However, you should know that in addition to being a commerce hub and popular tourist destination, it also has numerous universities that are counted among the best educational institutes in the world.

Hong Kong Visa

The territory of Hong Kong is explored for a wide range of reasons for people of different nationalities, including Indian. The valid Hong Kong visa is mandatory to enter into the East Asian financial hub.

Requirement of Hong Kong Visa

While making an application for a Hong Kong visa, make sure, you are clear about the reason for the visa. The reason may vary from person to person, company to company. Every Hong Kong visa has a separate set of eligibility criteria. Let's, for instance, take a student visa. Its set of eligibility criteria is different from that of a tourist visa. Do not mix and match and assume any visa benchmark.

Read the instructions carefully, while filling the Hong Kong visa application form. Your visa application might get rejected in the case; you’ve not filled the application properly. Necessary details recorded in the passport must match with the information being shared in the visa process. For instance, in case, your name is Khushboo Bhavsar in the Indian passport, mention the same spelling. Spelling as Khushbu Bhawsar will not be accepted; visa application be it for Hong Kong work employment visa, or Hong Kong tourist visa is liable to be rejected.

No harm in taking guidance from experts or anyone who had been to the prominent transit port of the world earlier. The objective is to knock off the typo and unwarranted information.

Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong Visa

All applicants applying for a visa for Hong Kong must comply with the following benchmark:

  • Age – must be 18 years and above at the time of making the application. 
  • Valid passport holder.
  • Financial requirement – proof and documents suggesting that you are financially capable of supporting your Hong Kong visa requirements during your stay in Hong Kong.Good moral character.
  • No criminal past - a person with criminal antecedent are not permitted to enter the shores of the Hong. In case, you are found to be hiding any illegal activity; you are bound to be deported as per the law of the land.
  • Language proficiency – you must possess basic or fluent command on Chinese (Cantonese) and English (both written and spoken).
  • Essential educational qualification – a good academic background is welcomed in Hong Kong.
  • Professionals/ Experts – professionals with the extraordinary skill set, are given preference.

Documents required to avail Hong Kong visa

  • A Duly endorsed visa application with the requisite information.
  • A cover letter with info about the applicant's name and the journey itinerary.
  • A copy of the first and last page of the valid passport.
  • Flight details.
  • Financial statements of the applicants, it could be tax receipts, salary slips, and bank statement.
  • The proof of educational qualification.
  • Documents supporting professional expertise.
  • Copy of proof of professional/ employment experience.
  • In case, I am heading for business, copies of official company documents, like registration certificate, PAN and GST.
  • Remember the documents depends on the type of visa, you are seeking.

Hong Kong Visa Application Process

The visa application for Hong Kong can be moved online. The website is easy to navigate with proper header and subheader, detailing the required information. You apply for Hong Kong visa online; the process is designed to facilitate visa seekers. Go through the portal meticulously, before making an application online.

Appointment Booking

The valid permit under the special arrangement for Indian nationals can be availed by following the procedure online. It is generated immediately.

The Hong Kong, visa application process, takes about two weeks to complete.

Status of Visa

You can check the status of the Hong Kong visa online.

Types of Hong Kong Visas

The type of visa an Indian national require to enter Hong Kong depends exclusively on the objective of the visa and purpose of stay. In comparison to the Hong Kong student visa and the Hong Kong tourist visa, the Hong Kong work or the Hong Kong employment visa involves a tedious process. Of course, not a cake walks to obtain the employment visa for Hong Kong. In case you adhere to the policies, rules, and regulation scrupulously, hold flawless eligibility, you can avail even the work visa.

Here are some of the common types of visas available:

Hong Kong Visit Visa

According to the department of immigration, natives of several countries are allowed to explore Hong Kong as a tourist without a visa document. Days may range between seven and 180 days. The list includes the USA, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Spain.

The application process may take about four weeks if you are planning to apply for a visitor visa.

The visa application can be processed through the Chinese Embassy or the Consulate.

Special Arrangements for Indian Nationals

Pre-arrival registration is required for Indian nationals all set to explore the place on a Hong Kong tourist visa. Each pre-arrival registration holds valid for six months. Compliance to other immigration process is mandatory to avail the visa facility under this exclusive category. As per the special arrangements for Indian nationals, on each visit, a registered Indian national can stay in Hong Kong for up to 14 days. When you fill in the registration form at the website, a slip is generated electronically. Crosscheck the information; this slip is a valid document. Keep it safe with you, may be required during the document verification process in Hong Kong.

For those willing to stay for more than 14 days or desirous to prolong their stay, visa or entry permit is required. Be prudent, while planning a visit to Hong Kong under the special arrangement for Indian nationals category. Remember, it allows you to stay for 14 days only.

In case, for unknown reasons, your online registration is unsuccessful, you should opt for another entry visa process.

The process of applying for a visa has been made a lot simpler. In order to apply for a Hong Kong visa online in India, you just need to visit the website and follow the steps.

The comprehensive information regarding the special arrangements for Indian nationals can be availed by clicking the following link on the website of the Immigration Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:


The Chinese Embassy in New Delhi and the Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai and Kolkata can be contacted for any additional information.

Hong Kong Business Visa

This specific type of the Hong Kong business visa is designed for people on the lookout for business opportunities, willing to invest, want to set up their company. The Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China is brimming with the opportunities galore to flourish as an entrepreneur. Depending on the business, you intend to do, plan the Hong Kong business visa.

Investment visas apply to self-employed people who are planning to set up a company or all set to invest in a particular entity. Hong Kong offers opportunities in plenty for entrepreneurs to excel in the investment-friendly ecosystem prevailing in Hong Kong.

Depending on your expertise, capital, you can plunge into your favourite business activity. Even a startup could be a scintillating platform, to begin with.

Networking with companies based in Hong Kong will be beneficial. Before embarking on a business journey, explore all your relations, colleagues. They might be of great help.

Hong Kong Employment Visa

The economy of Hong Kong is among the leading economies of the world. The territory is full of opportunities for young professionals, all set to embark on a career voyage. There is no shortage of opportunities for seniors and middle cadre professionals too. Major industries that offer employment in Hong Kong are export, logistics, tourism and banking, and finance among others.

In order to obtain the Hong Kong work visa, the applicant must have a job in the sponsoring company. The company takes up the application process at the concerned department. Supporting documents, proving your skill set and expertise are required to be endorsed by the employer/ company. Elements like educational qualification, professional experience, and l qualification are also looked into by the department of immigration before your visa is endorsed.

Note down one crucial thing here, the Hong Kong work visa is applied by the employer, not by the work visa seeker. While applying for the work visa, the employer should submit the following info, supported by documents:

Passport details.

Appointment letter (Job offer).

Salary and remuneration details.

Proof of accommodation.


Professional experience.

The application process to obtain the work visa takes around four to six weeks. Do not forget; the visa is issued to the employer who will forward the same to the employment visa seeker.

If you are married, once you are on-board of the company, apply for your spouse and children’s visa.   

Hong Kong Student Visa

For students, planning to study in Hong Kong, the department of immigration has a specific visa, called the Hong Kong student visa. To avail the student visa, it is mandatory to have relevant documents from the institutes, wherein the student is planning to study.

In the beginning, what is required is – admission letter from the college/ institute. Search the academic institutes offering courses/ diploma/ degree of your interest. Speak with them regarding the admission procedure. As per the rules, the academic institution, wherein you will pursue your education is going to apply for your student visa. The visa after the due formalities is accorded to the academic institutions which then will forward the same to the student. It is how; the Hong Kong student visa is obtained.

Hong Kong Training Visa

The Hong Kong training visa is a special visa for training purpose. It is applied and sponsored by the company/ institute concerned to undergo specific training. It is beneficial for knowledge transfer. The training gained is utilized by the applicant in his/ her native country.

Hong Kong Domestic Help Visa

For those working and living in Hong Kong, if they are desirous to employ domestic help, they can opt for a domestic help visa. This type of visa is valid for two years. It is sponsored by the person seeking domestic help. Boarding arrangement is the responsibility of the employer.

Hong Kong Journalist Visa

Media professionals in the capacity of a journalist can enter Hong Kong to cover a seminar, conference, news event, etc. A special visa called a journalist visa had been planned by the immigration department of Hong Kong.

Fees for Hong Kong Tourist Visa for Indians

In case you are applying for a tourist visa and intend to stay in Hong Kong for more than 14 days then apply for the Hong Kong tourist visa. The Hong Kong visa cost is 190 HKD per passport, to be paid through a bank draft.

For more information or to see if you qualify, please make an enquiry with one of our qualified and experienced Migration Consultants.

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